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At Classic Conservation, we understand the importance of protecting and maintaining architectural treasures. Our comprehensive conservation services encompass a wide range of techniques and practices that adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship and professionalism. From consultation and project management to expert cleaning and restoration, we offer a holistic approach to conservation.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin 8

Client : St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Our philosophy is rooted in using the least obtrusive techniques possible. We tailor our solutions to address specific conservation challenges, utilizing our expert skills in building lime mortars, cleaning, pointing, plasterwork, leadwork, and more.

Justice Arch, Dublin Castle, Dublin 2

Client : OPW

Classic Conservation takes great pride in our ability to preserve the original materials and craftsmanship of historic buildings. Our knowledgeable team possesses an understanding of traditional techniques and materials, allowing us to deliver authentic conservation results. We carefully source and supply high-quality materials to ensure the integrity of the restoration projects we undertake.

With each conservation project, we honor the rich history and cultural heritage of Ireland. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our collaborative approach, ensures that client expectations are not only met but exceeded. 


Chapel Royal, Dublin Castle, Dublin 2

Client : OPW


Explore our portfolio to witness the transformative power of our conservation work. Each project exemplifies our dedication to meticulous craftsmanship, historical accuracy, and the preservation of Ireland’s architectural legacy. By choosing Classic Conservation, you are entrusting your valuable heritage to a team of experts who are passionate about maintaining the beauty and integrity of our built environment.

Contact us today to discuss your conservation needs and let us guide you through the journey of preserving your architectural gem. Together, we can ensure that Ireland’s historic buildings continue to inspire and captivate for generations to come.